Our first giveaway is a set of five collectable signed photo books by eminent photographers whose participation has helped make ONWARD such a success since its inception in 2008. Every year a distinguished photographer serves as our keynote speaker and competition juror, sharing the fruits of their experience to support emerging photographers. Over the past seven years, each of these renowned artists has lent a discerning eye to choose finalists and ultimately a single outstanding photographer from among the talented ONWARD Compé contestants.


A set of five signed books by past ONWARD Compé judges include:

1) Treadwell by Andrea Modica – Compé ’08 Judge
Critically-acclaimed study of family life in an impoverished rural upstate New York community. With an essay by E. Annie Proulx and introduction by Maria Morris Hamburg. Chronicle Books, 1996. 88 pages, 40 duotone photographs. Out of Print.

2) The Spirit & The Flesh by Debbie Fleming Caffery – Compé ’09 Judge
Documents the turbulent emotional landscape of a village in northeastern Mexico, exploring the themes of grace, sin and redemption. With an essay by Carrie Springer and foreword by Luis Alberto Urrea. Radius Books, 2009. 96 pages, 64 duotone photographs.

3) Social Graces by Larry Fink – Compé ’11 Judge
Celebrated series on social class, contrasting the lives of fashionable New Yorkers and rural Pennsylvanians in the 1970s. With an essay by Max Kozloff. powerHouse Books, 2001. 128 pages, 92 duotone photographs.

4) A Road Divided by Todd Hido – Compé ’12 Judge
Mysterious empty American landscapes seen from the road. Nazraeli Press, 2010. 64 pages, 28 color photographs.

5) Making History: Selected Photographs (1980-2010) by Andrew Moore – Compé ’14 Judge
With an introduction by Joel Smith. Reflex Art Gallery, 2010. 112 pages. Color photographs throughout. Out of print.


November 17, 4:00AM UTC

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