The latest ONWARD giveaway is a set of books recommended by photography writer Jörg Colberg for photographers who want to deepen their understanding of the medium. In our recent interview with Jörg, he told us that “to write, one certainly needs to read,” and that the key to reading is to find the material that you truly enjoy. We thought you might like to check out some of Jörg’s favorites, so we’re giving them away!


A set of five books recommended Jörg Colberg to help improve your writing on photography:

1) The Pleasures of Good Photographs by Gary Badger
Essays on a range of photography-related topics. A great example of writing that is grounded in photography itself rather than fads or trends.

2) Bad Boy by Eric Fischl
Engaging memoir of a painter who rose to stardom in 1980s New York. Descriptions of the painting process, narrative construction, and reading of artworks makes this book required reading for visual artists.

3) Pandora’s Camera by Joan Fontcuberta
Photographic artist Joan Fontcuberta reveals the thinking behind his conceptual work and offers a refreshing perspective on the medium’s recent scandals.

4) A Box of Photographs by Roger Grenier
A charming little book to make you fall in love with photography all over again.

5) The Cruel Radiance by Susie Linfield
An impressive treatment of the relationship between photography and human suffering, with a strong argument for photo criticism that starts with what is actually in the pictures.


December 28, 2014 Midnight (EST)

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